Especially designed for today’s electronic dance across all genres.
With use in live performance in mind.


Every analogue, sound circuit attentively honed.
 Intuitive operation so you can really get into the mix.



Operational simplicity with it’s intuitive workflow.

Full RGB Illuminated Soft Touch keys.

Control the tone of the selected instrument with one fantastic Tone knob.

Switch between play and write modes seamlessly.

Fade the volume by top panel mixer or live punch in/out mute.

Vary the syncro-tap rate via the tone knob live.


Ground Breaking Features for a unique experience in sound-scaping.
Apply a nuance to each instrument from a selection of 4 waveforms.
From subtle changes to the extreme. With variable rate settings to perfect your sound.
Add some Accent, Flam or Roll. Rudiment modifiers for each instrument.
Rhythmic effects you can switch between and control the depth with the tone knob live.
Color code your patterns and tracks with 13 available colours.

Store an instruments sound parameters in one of 32 available kits.

Flash storage for up to 64 patterns (up to 32 steps) and 9 tracks.

Record to your favourite DAW with full midi CC via standard midi in and out/thru.


Each instrument with individual 1/8″ outs for effects processing:

Incomparable analogue sounds:
4 Sizzling Cymbal and 6 Hi Hat variations each with tuning.
A Snappy Snare with snappy control.
Thundering Toms with tuning control.
Radical Rimshot with tuning control.
Cool Claps with smack control.
Banging Bass Drum with tuning.